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Sliema For The Complete Holiday

Several kilometres of relaxed walkways.

Sliema has a sophisticated atmosphere. It first earned its reputation as the summer retreat of Malta's wealthier classes from the late 18th Century onwards and has never looked back. Today, Sliema is a hub for commercial enterprise, entertainment and shopping and rivals the Capital, Valletta of which it was once a suburb.

As a town, Sliema is self contained enough for a visitor to sample all the delights of Mediterranean living without ever leaving its confines. The more intrepid traveller need not feel hemmed in though: Sliema is one of the few districts in Malta that offers direct transport to other major parts of Malta, such as Mdina and the Crafts' Village, Mosta, Bugibba, Golden Bay and Mellieha, besides providing a main bus or ferry link to Valletta and the main terminus for all the island's bus routes.

Staying in Sliema, the bustling shopping area is full of leading High Street and Italian Fashion Brands as well as some enterprising local businesses selling anything from local and foreign books, through fashion accessories to holiday souvenirs.

All of this is just a few metres away from one of the best swimming areas in Malta, stretching all the way from Tigne Point to St.Julian's. Dedicated sun and sea worshippers can relax anywhere along a 2 mile stretch of beach interspersed with several water sport lidos and swimming clubs. The elegant promenade along this same shore line allows for serious active walking or jogging in winter or a gentle stroll interrupted only by tempting cafes and ice cream parlours during the long summer evenings. There's no better way to end the day than with a walk and a long drink somewhere along Tigne Point with its magnificent views of the impressive fortifications of Valletta, illuminated in all their imposing splendour.

Sliema and the Surroundings

  • The Sliema Seafront - 50 Metres from The Windsor Hotel Sliema Seafront
  • Sliema - Independence Gardens on the Sliema Seafront Sliema - Independence
  • The bustling shopping area is full of leading High Street shops Sliema - Shopping
  • A picturesque rocky beach on the Sliema seafront Sliema - Rocky
  • Numerous seafront restaurants to choose from St Julian's - Sea-side
  • Visit the many monuments, churches and museums in Valletta Valletta - Historic